No limits 

Extraordinary people





Beyond explaination

Beyond the sight of man

On the other edge

Crossing borders 

Crossing bridges 


No limitations


Go as far as you can reach….

Even if

It is beyond imagination 

To be happy

To be happy :

Its a choice …

Bringing yourself first

Forgiving others

Maintaining peace around you 

Pursuing what you love most 

Believing in yourself 

Doing what is best for you 

To be happy 

Is loving yourself more than anything 


Be happy 


Days go by 

Each day has its on purpose

Have you fulfilled it yet ? 

People are met daily

Words are said 

Than done

Why is that we take negative

Words to heart ? 

One should not let others

Tear them apart 


Make conclusions of their lives…

Who are they to do so ? 

Life is full of surprises…

One should be careful with 

Who they welcome and accept 

In their lives…

People can build or delay you 

In life …

Your dreams … 

Your vision…

Your plans …

Should be reality 

No matter what people may say

Or do to crush you 

A dream is only experienced 

By an individual not a group

Make your choices 

Be wise

And work smart 

Be in a secretive place 

Where only you and you alone

Know what you want 

And make it a reality 


End your own story life

With a conclusion 

Best suitable for you

And that 

defines you the best way possible ….


What is an ordinary person ?

We born ordinary 

But we can not afford to die ordinary…

Life is full of many opportunities 

If we seek 

We shall find 

We went to creché 

To learn team work

Primary school to gain

Writing and Communication skills 

High School to gain knowledge 

Of our different career paths 

Tertiary to gain qualifications 

Before experience

Education is not a restriction 

To who you are 

Or want to become 


A platform to your success

Success is not about wealth 

But doing something that 

You love and enjoy 

Everyone is blessed with a talent 


Or skill

Which one can pursue their 

Dreams with…

Not all skills are gained through education 

But that does not mean one 

does not need it 

We all need education

As something to lean on

Dreams should never perish 

Patience should never fade

For one day 

Life shall become better


Create yourself a legacy 

Not status 

For statuses change over time

But a legacy goes on 

From generation 

To generation

Goodbye grandmother 

Farewells made daily

Goodbyes said more often…

How sad

You told me death was by your side 

I couldn’t believe you 

I seeked more time with you 

But that time 

Was unfortunately not of happiness

But of pain

To watch you die 

A slowly death 

In pain

It was time for you to go

It’s hard to  accept 

Hard to let go

Even though you told me 

Truth be said 

Its too much to bare it  alone 

I had dreams


And hopes for us 

I prayed for this day 

Didn’t know it would come 

Thought you might heal 

Thought you might get well


I thought wrong 

You left me 

For a better cause

I guess 

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace


Battle of forgiveness

You said 

We would be friends


None of that 

Is happening  7

Instead you maintain 

Tension and conflict 

Why ? 

I fail to understand 

I’ve been patient with you 

What is your definition of love

Under the  sun ?

Where does your understanding lie?

I’m human 

Just like you 

With emotions and feelings

Going through a rough time

In need of someone 

Maybe like you 


Not anymore 

You left me at my worst 

Saying some heartbreaking words

Thinking of yourself 

After I have endured your 

Suffering with you 

I am not perfect 

But my actions , behaviour 


Character is noble

Why do you fail to see that ?

I’ve supported you 

Regardless of your mistakes 

And weaknesses

Your short temper has blinded you 

You fail to see what you have


What you have lost …

When are you going to learn to appreciate people who surround you because they care and love you?

I hope it’s never too late

When the time comes

Love is a beautiful thing

Without love 

One is forever empty 

Why ? 

Why do you choose this path

When God has given you 

Someone to help you 

Overcome challenges in life

Because you can’t do it

On your own …

Why do you reject help? 

Drown your pride 

And face reality …

Pride will hold you back in life…

I forgive and wish to forget

Because it’s noble 

I don’t want to drag  my pain of the past

Into the future 


Everyday is about new beginnings 

I let it all go…


Broken pieces

Broken pieces

How can one gather them up?

How can one fix things 

Without any pain 

Any scars 

And any open wounds ?

Broken pieces…

Are they better off scattered


Combined together ?

After all the pain 

Can’t be forgotten …


Battle of Love 


Breaks relationships 

Lack of communication 

Breaks relationships 

Lack of trust 

Breaks relationships 

Lack of respect 

Breaks relationships 

But lack of self-love

Breaks you as an individual 

If you can’t love and appreciate yourself 

How can you do so with other people ?


Love is a beautiful thing

Love conqueres 

Love accepts

Love appreciates

Love admires

Love is true 

Love is a valuable asset

One can ever have …

Love can be shared in many ways

With different people




Educators or Lecturers 

It’s not only about relationships 

Love is every nobles being drive for each day 

Love does not die 

Love multiplies

Love lives 

Love is a beautiful thing

Or feeling one can ever experience… 

On earth …

God is Love

So as everyone in this world 

Is made out of Love ….

Love brings happiness…