Saturday the 14

I met my brother Thabiso



                      As I try to imagine…
                        As I try to think…
              Some things could surprisingly
                             amaze you,
                        How life certainly is…
                      What it has to offer…
                  It is nothing compared to
                      sugar and honey
                        Tolerance is key
             A temporary form of survival
                A man cannot adhere to…
                         Which is worth it
                 In some life situations…
       Sometimes it is simply a heartbreak…
                      But does it matter ?
                         Life moves on…
              You do not have to understand
                       But you have to see
                      And just be aware
                And admire the pain the of life
That is is temporary
                      For seasons change.                                       


My mind is ahead of me

                  My mind is ahead of me
              Maybe I’m ahead of myself.
                Not quite sure if I’m in
              The correct career path…
                  Career path of my own?
            After matric I went to varsity
                       I’m at college.
            I was excited the first days
              when I started attending
                   These institutions…
                           But now…
              The perseverance is all gone…
          Not knowing is my mind ahead of me
                    Or I’m ahead of myself.
                I find pleasure in other things
                 Rather than reading a book…
                  I find pleasure in practicals
                      Rather than theory…
                Am I denying my own calling
                             Of self work
                      Or am I just being lazy?
             I find it difficult to understand
              Because of the different voices
                               Around me.
                 Am I pursuing the right career
                     Path or am I just fooling
                               Myself again.
                               Another year!
                      Is my mind ahead of me
                     Or am I ahead of myself?


My love language❤💙💛💚

Love is an emotion
Undefined by circumstances…
Very strong and irrestitable
But hatred can overpower it.
Jealousy can over power.
Never knew that the day before yesterday
Would be the day before yesterday…
I thought love covers all
Still think it does
But its sad when your own blood rejects it.
At times you question the success of life
Your good Samaritan character…
Does it mean I should stop showing love?
Does mean I continue serving in pain,
Simply because I am a mere man?
Or is it that I despise myself
And actions?
Am I worthy of all I do
Out of the goodness of my heart?
May God bless all the kind hearted.
May God remember the good deeds of
The righteous.
May He remain the same always…
Hoping to find the true meaning of life.
Deeper that it may seem…
Deeper than we may know…
Just too deep for our own understanding!
My love language…
I hope to reap the same love
That overflows out of the goodness
Of my heart❤


God reigns

This thing called Christianity
Is working for me
This thing called faith and belief
Is working for me
This unknown God
Is my Father…
This is my culture
This my religion
This is my life
And its working for me…
It worked for the disciples
And I too…
Am a living testimony that its working for me
And I’m here today to tell you
It can work for you…
Everything God does is intentional
And happens for a reason…
If it be pain…
Its for our own good….
If it be grief…
Its for my own good….
That at a certain time I may heal
That at a certain time I may grow…
Mature in Christ…
Understanding that some things are part of life’s cycle…
“This” is not just “this”…
As much it may feel despised…
But it’s my life and I’m proud to say God reigns in me…
Christ is my Saviour
For its for my own good…
Greater or small
All things God does is intentional
And its for my own good…

The pain of life!

                     The pain of life…
                 Is the pretence people
                    Tend to display for
                The sake of others happiness
                      The pain of life…
                 Having to compromise
                 Yourself for ungrateful
                      The pain of life!
                    Is trying to please
                     Knowing very well
            You won’t be appreciated.
                  The pain of life.
             Give without expectations
              And preserve your heart
                       From pain…
             And put your happiness 1st!