Finding yourself

God is good
“Blessed are those who believe
without seeing…”
Wait patiently…
Sometimes you have to suffer
For things to be your way…
Sometimes your way is not
God’s way…
Your version of things
Is not God’s vision of what is going
On in your life…
The best lessons are learnt through pain
And through pain
We find ourselves
It might not be easy
Surely it is worth it…
At times we need to breakdown
In tears…
Emotionally and spiritually
Feel torn apart…
Feel rejected…
Feel worthless…
In order for us to know and find ourselves
And know our value
And worth
And all happens through understanding
Who you are
And knowing what you
made for…
But truth is:
Going through pain
happens to the best of us…
Getting to know the deeper
meaning of life
and living our life for the best:
To invite happiness
For us to be whole again
To be independent.
For an individual’s life
Revolves around
“Me, myself and I”
Sometimes you probably 
Need time ,
Self evaluation
A background check

To know who you are
And Find your true identity
To know your foundation
And you strengths
And capabilities…
Understanding and knowing
You better than what you are

That little sweet soul inside of you
That blooms out
When you alone
And the mind is quiet…
We all deserve happiness
And it will come when we ready
to recieve it…
Thats who you are….
A brave, depressed,
stressed, and messed up warrior
to a strong and  happy warrior…
A happy ending
To finding ourselves
All is well
And all shall end well



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